Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data ‘real-time’

Yes. As close to it as possible anyway. We get feeds straight from the main social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the conversations show up literally as they happen. Blogs and forums can take a few days to find though.

Who moderates the data?

Robots do the initial sorting, but we have a team of Australian moderators in Brisbane and Melbourne. They're tertiary-educated professionals who have studied marketing or communications and have been speaking English since they were born. They keep an eye on what is being said about your brand.

How do you get Australian data from sites like Facebook and blogspot?

Dialogix has an inbuilt Australian language dictionary which flags conversations as being from Australians - our moderation team then double checks everything to make sure you only see what's relevant.

Can you benchmark my brand against an industry or group of competitors?

Absolutely! We'll tell you what level of dialogue and sentiment to expect and show you what people are saying about your competitors.

Can I trial Dialogix?

Yes. We give any Australian company who’s interested a free 3 day trial to test out the service.

Can I get a weekly/monthly report about what was said?

Sure. Our higher level packages include that, but if you’d like our analysts to highlight the trends for you and act as your eyes and ears on another package we can absolutely tailor a reporting solution for you.

Who uses Dialogix?

We have clients in virtually every industry imaginable. A number of Federal government departments rely on our data. More ASX200 companies use our tool than any other Australian social media monitoring system. We also look after many smaller Australian companies interested in knowing what their customers think as well as multinational corporations spread out over the globe. You’re in good company.

Can I ‘Whitelabel’ Dialogix

You bet. We can put your company logo in the corner, and even change the colours for you.

How long have you been around?

Dialogix, the tool, has been around since 2008. It was originally developed by e-CBD, a digital agency which has been operating in Australia since 1997. We’ve been around for quite a while. Longer than Twitter, longer than Facebook, longer than the term 'social media'.

This all sounds good, but there’s another monitoring tool out there which has a feature I really like. Can you do what they do?

Yes, we might be able to help. We're regularly adding features to our platform and chances are, the feature you want is already in our development schedule, we just haven’t got around to doing that bit yet because we haven’t had the demand for it. If there’s something you want just let us know, and we can probably accommodate your needs.

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